Cultivating Resilience Winter Conference

We’re making some changes!!

Due to attendee feedback and how much this event has grown over the last few years, we are making some changes to the layout of our Annual Cultivating Resilience event. Instead of hosting a summer outdoor field day, we are moving the main event to a late winter indoor conference with two to three follow up smaller field workshops that will focus on topics spoken about at the conference. This will allow us to bring in more speakers and will allow those interested in learning more about a specific topic to attend a focused, in-depth field workshop later in the spring or summer.

As a result of this change, we will not be hosting a 2024 Cultivating Resilience event. Our first winter conference is scheudled for February 6th, 2025.

Please reach out to Caryn Dawson at or Sarah Bowman at regarding any questions about this event.

The Ottawa Conservation District, ODC Network, and Allegan Conservation District partners annually with other local organizations to host the Cultivating Resilience Farm Field Day.  The goal of this field day is to showcase both common and emerging practices that promote soil health, improve water quality, and give producers practical conservation knowledge that they can use to evaluate and enhance their operations.  This event always serves as a MAEAP Phase 1 Educational Event and RUP credits are usually available for those who need them.

Despite having to move inside due to storms, our 2023 Cultivating Resilience “farm field day” turned out great! We switched from a field day style event to more of a conference style event which allowed us to stay safe and dry while still learning from our speakers and networking with fellow farmers and agriculutral resources organizations.

Thank you to the 2023 Cultivating Resilience sponsors! We would not have been able to host this event with out you!

The photos just above were taken by Raecale Stull of BDE Photography from past Cultivating Resilience Field Days.

Sponsor Payment

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