Forestry Assistance Program

The Forestry Assistance Program (FAP) focuses on providing education and technical assistance to private landowners regarding forest management. The purpose of this program is to aid Conservation Districts in their efforts to help Michigan residents to better understand, protect, and utilize forest resources. FAP provides an initial professional contact with landowners who are interested in actively managing their forested property for recreation, wildlife, timber harvest, ecosystem preservation, etc.

To better assist landowners with management of their forest resources, the District Forester is available to meet with landowners at no cost. During the walk-through, you will discuss your goals and management history and complete a rapid inventory of your property. If applicable, you may be referred to resource professionals and assistance programs to help you meet your management goals. For questions, more information, or to get started, contact your District Forester.

Qualified Forest Program

What is Michigan’s Qualified Forest Program?

The Qualified Forest Program (QFP) provides property tax exemption for private landowners who actively manage their forests and woodlands for commercial harvest. The goal of the program is to fuel regional economies through timber harvest and individual tax savings.

How does land qualify for the program?

Please contact our District Forester to learn if your land is eligible.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the QFP?

  1. A maximum 18 mill reduction of school operating taxes on non-homestead property with the Qualified Forest School Tax Affidavit
  2. Under a Taxable Value Affidavit, prevents the “uncapping” of a property’s taxable value when a parcel currently enrolled under the qualified forest program changes ownership

How to Apply for QFP

Contact your District Forester or visit the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Qualified Forest Program page to download an application and find more information

Meet Your District Forester

Benjamin Savoie is the District Forester, serving Allegan, Barry, and Ottawa Counties. Benjamin has earned a B. S. in Forestry from Michigan State University, with a specialization in Resource Management. He is passionate about community involvement in ecological restoration and improving public knowledge on conservation management.
(269) 908-4134