Native Plant Sale

Pre-orders for our 2024 Spring Native Plant sale are open as of February 5th, 2024!

Our native plant sales offer a wide assortment of Michigan-grown native flowering plants, shrubs, garden kits, and grasses. We hold the sale in the spring and fall of each year. The funds we raise from the native plant sale provide important operational funding for the district.

We are opening up pre-orders for Garden Kits, Beach Dunegrass, and Rain Barrels only. Pre-orders will be open from Monday, February 5th to Friday, March 29th at 4pm. Pre-orders can be made either through our online store or via order form.

Order online hereOnline orders only accept credit card payments.

Download Order Form here. Order forms with full payment should be mailed or dropped off in person to the Ottawa Conservation District office at 16731 Ferris St, Grand Haven, MI 49417.

Beach Dunegrass pre-orders will be available for pick-up from 8am-4:30pm Wednesday, April 3rd through Friday, April 5th at our office (16731 Ferris St, Grand Haven, MI 49417). This is because April is a better time to plant beach grass versus June!

Individual native flowers and shrubs will be available for purchase at our in-person browse-and-buy sale on Saturday, June 1st at Hemlock Crossing Nature Center. Stay tuned for a list of flowers and shrubs that will be available.

For questions, or to place an order over the phone, please reach out to or call the office at 616-842-5852 Ext. 5.

Garden Kit Information:

All Garden Kits include a landscape plan to cover a 4′ x 10′ area.

Butterfly Garden Flat: 38 plugs for a 4’x10′ area. Example Species: Brown Fox Sedge, Sand Tickseed, Showy Coneflower, Pussy Toes, Bergamot, Purple Coneflower, Butterfly Weed, Cylindrical Blazing Star, Compass Plant, Spiderwort, Rattlesnake Master,  Wild Lupine, Joe Pye Weed, Foxglove, Thimbleweed, Stiff Goldenrod, Showy Goldenrod, New England Aster, Sky Blue Aster.

Grass Garden Flat: 38 plugs for a 12’x30′ area. Example Species: Big Bluestem, Bottlebrush Grass, Canada Wild Rye, Indian Grass, June Grass, Little Bluestem, Purple Top, Sweet Grass, Switch Grass.

Monarch Garden Flat: 38 plugs for a 4’x10′ area. Example Species: Purple Top Grass, False Boneset, Sand Tickseed, Roundleaf Ragwort, Sweet Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Weed, Prairie Blazing Star, Lead Plant, Rattlesnake Master, Purple Coneflower, Bergamot, Mountain Mint, Swamp Milkweed, Whorled Milkweed, Stiff Goldenrod, Showy Goldenrod, New England Aster, Smooth Blue Aster.

Pollinator Garden Flat: 38 plugs for a 4’x10′ area. Example Species: Shrubby Cinquefoil, Wild Lupine, Prairie Coreopsis, False Boneset, Butterfly Weed, Northern Blazing Star, Culver’s Root, Sweet Black-Eyed Susan, Mountain Mint, Smooth Blue Aster, New England Aster, Stiff Goldenrod, Showy Goldenrod.

Rain Garden Flat: 38 plugs for a 4’x10′ area. Example Species: Swamp Milkweed, Blue Vervain, Boneset, New England Aster, Cardinal Flower, Culver’s Root, Great Blue Lobelia, Marsh Blazing Star, Golden Alexander, Prairie Dock, Wild Blue Iris, Cup Plant.

Semi-Shade Garden Flat: 38 plugs for a 4’x10′ area. Example Species: Bottle Brush Grass, Bishop’s Cap, Wild Columbine, Hairy Beard Tongue, Foxglove, Culver’s Root, Joe Pye Weed, Sweet Black-Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Woodland Sunflower, Nodding Wild Onion, Bluestem Goldenrod, Heart Leaf Aster, Thimbleweed.

Beach Grass Information:

Beach Grass is sold in 100 stems per single bundle.

WHEN:  We recommend planting from October 1st through April 30th. Beach grass pick-up will be available 8am-4:30pm on Wednesday, April 3rd through Friday, April 5th at our office. Please make sure to include your contact information in your order for updated pick-up information. In temperate areas, the window can be extended by a couple of weeks earlier in the fall, and later in the spring. In general, the temperatures and rainfall amounts before or after these dates make it too dry and warm to support a bare root plant.

SPACING:  We recommend spacing your Beachgrass 12” apart in rows and space those rows 12” apart from each other. Staggering the rows will help in collecting more sand and thus building the dune quicker. This spacing would give you 1 plant for every 1 square foot of the dune. If the area is very flat and protected from high winds, sometimes beachgrass is planted 18” apart, which uses fewer plants, however, it will take longer to establish the dune system. If the area is very steep and needs to establish more quickly, then the grasses can be planted on a 6” spacing. 

HOW: We recommend a two-person team when planting Beachgrass. One person uses the shovel and places their foot on the step to drive it deep into the sand. They then push the handle forward and pull it backward thus creating a “V” in the sand, while keeping the shovel in the hole to hold the sand in place, the other person on the team now places a plant into the hole on the backside of the shovel. The first person now pulls the shovel from the hole and firmly packs the loose sand around the plant with their feet.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help us out at the Native Plant Sale! Fill out the linked form to help us out the day of the Native Plant Sale on June 1st.
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Workshop Registration

**A 2024 Spring Native Plant workshop is still in the works! More details to come soon.**

Thank you 2024 Plant Sale Sponsors!

We appreciate the support of these Ottawa County businesses to help us meet the local demand for native plants!


Rain Barrel Information

We are selling rain barrels for 50$ each. These rain barrels are 55 gallons and come with a spout to access collected water, but do not inclue rain gutter connections.

Would you like more assistance in choosing native plants? Check out this Plant Finder from MSU Extension by clicking here.

Looking for more information on local nurseries or landscape design asssistance? Visit the Native Plant Guild website.

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