Native Plants

In recent years, conversations in the community around native plants and pollinators have increased. We want to ensure everyone has accurate information about the importance of having these plants and why so many people are still talking about them! Planting natives in your landscape has benefits for both our local ecosystem and for you. Explore this page to find out more!

Benefits for the Land

Having a variety of natives in your landscape provides food and habitat for local wildlife and pollinators. Beyond providing these basic needs, native plants can have the special role of being a host plant for beneficial insects such as the monarch butterfly. Monarch caterpillars can only eat milkweed, which means that if we didn’t have any native milkweed they would not be able to complete their lifecycle. We all love seeing a variety of birds and butterflies and native plants are a big factor in supporting wildlife diversity.

Benefits for You

Planting natives in your landscape has benefits for you as well. These plants evolved in this region, so they are able to handle our local weather patterns and are better suited to our soil types. They will not need as much specialized care for our temperatures or the amount of rainfall our area typically receives. Native plants are also less likely to have problems with minor diseases and pests. Once these plants are established, they will typically need less supplemental watering, fertilizer, and herbicides. This means you save time and money on maintaining your yard! 

Native Plant Sale

Twice a year the District holds native plant sales where we sell plants grown right here in Michigan. Whether your yard has wet spots, dry spots, all day sun, or complete shade there are many native plants that will fit the area. We offer workshops and educational videos so you can learn how to design a garden bed that works best for you! If you would like to learn more about our native plant sales, please visit our event page.