Outreach & Education

The Ottawa Conservation District is staffed with passionate professionals that are happy to help educate the public on natural resource matters. Outreach is available to professional partners, clubs, organizations, schools, or any other group that is looking for an educational presentation on natural resource topics. Some of the topics we’ve covered in past presentations are recycling, native plants, watershed education, and critical dunes ecosystems. We are happy to tailor content and time limit to fit the audience. 

Every year, Ottawa Conservation District in partnership with Allegan Conservation District and the Outdoor Discover Center hosts our Cultivating Reslience Farm Field Day. This day creates oportunities for both Ottawa and Allegan County farmers to gather for networking and to learn about new practices and tools available to cultivate resliency throughout their farming operations. Learn more about this event by folliwng the link!

The District offers educational workshops throughout the year. Check out our calendar for information on upcoming events.