Pigeon River Watershed Management Plan

Ottawa Conservation District is working in close conjunction with local partners to write an approved watershed management plan for the Pigeon River Watershed. This Pigeon River is in central Ottawa County, and drains directly into Lake Michigan. This management plan will be a collection of existing information, document current resource concerns, and lay out goals and objectives necessary to restore areas of the watershed. By completing this plan, Ottawa Conservation District will be able to implement financial assistance programs in the future, like our current work in the Bass River, and work with land and business owners to improve water quality in the Pigeon River.

SIDMA Report

An important part of a watershed management plan is understanding the natural resource concerns of the residents in that watershed. Throughout 2020 the District and our grant partners sent out surveys to residents of the Pigeon River Watershed and the responses are compiled in this SIDMA final report. 

The Watershed Management Plan

While the plan is being compiled to have current data and goals, you may read the management from 1997 here. When the new management plan is submitted, it will be uploaded here.

Why Water Quality Matters

The ultimate goal of this management plan is to make the watershed more competitive in receiving future funding to address natural resource concerns. Why do we care so much about water quality? Find out more information on our Water Quality page!

View a condensed SIDMA Survey report by clicking here.

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