Requests for Bids

Ottawa Conservation District
Pesticide Contract Bidding Request

The Ottawa Conservation District is seeking bids for a contract to supply the West Michigan
Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (WMCISMA) with pesticides for Michigan
Invasive Species Grant Program (MISGP) funded Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Project. The contract
would start upon completion of signing contract and expire December 31, 2024.

The current list of active ingredients and concentrations that bids are requested for are as

Imidacloprid (injectable)- 10% active ingredient (only Xytect 10% infusible, Imicide-HP
10%, IMA-jet 10)
o Must come in 1 liter bottle, Ready-to-Use for application with reloadable tree
injection equipment.

Imidacloprid 2F- 21.4% active ingredient (any works, one example Quali-Pro 2F)

Dinotefuran 20 SG- 20% active ingredient (any works, one example Safari)
A total of approximately 300 quarts is the estimated quantity for this bid request. All biding must
also include shipping costs.

Similar substitutes to brand names listed above are acceptable as long as they contain the
same chemical and active ingredients percentages. Contract is not limited to only these
products and the quantity of each product will depend on price and work load of WMCISMA.
The prices given must be fixed for the full term of the contract (until December 31, 2024); prices
cannot change from one year to the next. The Ottawa Conservation District reserves the right to
award the contract to the bid that gives the best overall price for all three products and is not
required to award bids on a product by product basis.

Contract is contingent upon the award of Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program Application
“Management of HWA in West Michigan (IS22-0006)”.

Please fill out the bid form below and submit it to the contact provided below no later than the
end of the business day on February 27, 2023.

Natalie Bekins
(616) 842-5852 Ex.5

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