Scrap Tire Recycling

According to the last reported numbers from the EPA, almost 60 million tires go to landfills each year. This is unnecessary because there are many great ways to reuse these tires and give them a second life. When scrap tires lay around they pose ecological and health dangers.

Why should tires be recycled?

As the tires lay around and are exposed to the elements, they slowly degrade and leach heavy metals which can contaminate ground and surface water and soil. The tires will also collect water that becomes stagnant and provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and promote the spread of mosquito-borne illness. Piles of tires are also a fire hazard that are hard to put out and can lend to air pollution. 

With the way that the population in Ottawa County is growing, there is a need to provide easy and convenient options for hard-to-recycle items like tires. In 2020 the Ottawa Conservation District held their first Scrap Tire Recycling Event. Almost 2000 tires were collected in one day! All of the tires collected go to DeerPath Recyclers and are repurposed into rubber mulch, rubberized asphalt, and new tires. We will be holding another event in 2021, follow the link for details!

Upcoming Scrap Tire Recycling Events

Please check back soon for new dates.

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