Tree Seedling Sale

Pre-orders for the 2024 sale are now closed. Pick up will be hosted on April 19th at Reenders Blueberry Farm from 9 AM – 4 PM. Limited tree quantities will be available for sale.

Each Spring, Ottawa Conservation District holds a tree seedling sale fundraiser that generates operating funds for the important work of the District. This tree sale offers a variety of primarily native and some naturalized tree & shrub seedlings. The tree seedlings offered bareroot seedlings that are typically 12-24 inches in length, and are sold in quantity bundles of  10, 25, 50, and 100 seedlings.

Click here to download our Tree Seedling Sale Catalog to learn more details about each tree and shrub seedling available for purchase. Catalogs can also be emailed or can phyiscal copies can be picked up at the Ottawa Conservation District Office.

For questions, or to place an order over the phone, please reach out to or call the office at 616-842-5852 Ext. 5.

Tree & Shrub Seedlings available for sale on April 19th

Seedlings will be available in bundles of 10 and 25. See prices here.

White Pine
White Spruce
Red Cedar
Arborvitae (White Cedar)

American Larch
Sugar Maple
Bur Oak
River Birch
Black Cherry
Black Gum
Black Walnut

Shrubs & Small Trees
Eastern Redbud
Downy Serviceberry
Common Buttonbush
Common Lilac
Meadowsweet Spirea
American Elderberry
Red Osier Dogwood
American Hazelnut

Habitat Packs
Pollinator Pack
Wildberry Pack
Wildlife Pack

Additional supplies such as tree tubes, stakes, tree planting bars, deer repellent, and rain barrels will also be available for purchase.

New this year! We will have native seed mixes created by Pheasants Forever for sale to cover small plots of 100 sq ft and 4oo sq ft.


Things to keep in mind while planting trees…

Trees provide us with a variety of services, including keeping your home cooler in the summer, attracting backyard wildlife, or providing habitat for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. When selecting the perfect tree for your space, think about these questions:

  • Will it thrive in your area’s growing zone?
  • Can your site support its specific water, light or soil needs?
  • How big will it grow? Will roots or branches interfere with building foundations or power lines?
  • Is it native or non-native? A healthy mix of native trees provides the most benefits to insects and wildlife

You can find the answers to these questions in our tree catalog linked above. When you are ready to get a shovel in the dirt, make sure to call 811 or visit MISS DIG online first. Pros will mark utility lines for free so you can avoid making costly mistakes. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about hitting any lines with our bareroot seedlings, however it is good to know where your lines are to avoid planting a tree on top of them!

Visit for more tree planting resources.

Join us at Conservation on Tap!

On February 22nd, Ben Savoie, the District Forester for Ottawa, Allegan, and Barry Conservation Districts, will be giving a presenation on the potential impacts Climate Change may have on Michigan’s Forests. This event is an information education event meant to give residents of Ottawa County insight into how our forests may be changing over the next few years, and for folks to have the opportunity to ask questions. This year’s Conservation on Tap is hosted at Trail Point Brewing Company. Space is limited so learn more and reserve your spot at our event website here:

For more information on the importance of trees and forestry work, please visit our Tree & Forestry service page. For updates on the sale please follow our Facebook or sign up for our quarterly newsletter. As always, thank you for your support of the Ottawa Conservation District!

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