Upper Sand Creek Restoration Project

Site Overview

The Sand Creek watershed is located in Chester, Tallmadge, and Wright townships on the northeast side of Ottawa County. Sand Creek is approximately 22-miles in length with the upper nine miles designated as county drain. This cold-water stream, formerly dubbed as a trout stream, flows into the lower Grand River, ultimately depositing into Lake Michigan.

Over the years, the health of this stream has diminished due to excessive sedimentation, nutrient overloading, and inadequate flood drainage. These pollutants have taken a heavy toll on Sand Creek’s aquatic life, causing the stream to be dethroned from its former cold-water fishery status.

Project Description

The Ottawa County Water Resources Office was awarded funding in 2017 from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to reduce non-point source pollution within the upper nine miles of the Sand Creek watershed. Funds will be used to implement remediation efforts at approximately six sites along the northern stretch of the watershed.

We can offer services for

  • In-field and edge of field cover crops
  • Native species buffers
  • Grassed waterways

Our goal is to implement additional best management practices beyond designated project sites to further enhance water quality.
Please contact our office if you have any questions or would like more information.