Critical Dunes

Ottawa Conservation District is a local resource for information about Michigan’s Critical Dunes. Staff is available to answer questions, and the District offers informative programs about critical dunes for schools and organizations.

Invasive Species Control

The Ottawa Conservation District through the West Michigan CISMA program offers a variety of services to identify and control non-native invasive species throughout West Michigan. We assist all types of landowners and municipalities to help restore the native ecosystems threatened by these invaders.


Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is a voluntary, proactive program that supports agricultural producers as they work to protect our natural resources.

Sand Creek & Crockery Creek Restoration Project

Ottawa Conservation District staff work with farmers and private landonwers to install agricultural conservation practices and septic BMPs  geared toward reducing E.coli and sediment concentrations that currently impair both of these sub watersheds of the Lower Grand River.

On-Farm Produce Safety

Produce Safety Technicians are a free, voluntary, confidential, and non-regulartory resource who provide on-farm technical education for all fresh produce farmers.

Farmland & Water Quality Conservation Initiative 

This partnership project between the Ottawa Conservation District and the USDA NRCS provides technical and financial assistance for farmers and forest landowner to improve groundwater quality & quantity, wildlife habitate, and preserving farmland.

Forestry Assistance Program

The Forestry Assistance Program (FAP) focuses on providing education and technical assistance to private landowners regarding forest management.

Raindrop Rescue

This newly developed program is offering technical and possible monetary assistance to schools, communities, and residential homeowners to install native plantings and green stormwater infrastructure with the goal of improving groundwater quality and quantity.